Tin Barn Pottery Supplies
at Manassas Clay

Tin Barn Pottery Supply has clays, glazes, chemicals, tools, brushes and access to all the things needed for making pottery. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we will order it for you! Call 703-330-1173; fax 703-330-1040.


Tin Barn currently stocks:

B-Mix (Cone 10 & 5)
B-3 (Black, Cone 5)
Amador (Cone 10)
The Rods (Cone 10)
Soldate 30 (Cone 10)
Dark Brown (Cone 10)
Babu Porcelain (Cone 10)
Hagi Porcelain (Cone 5)
SB Red (Cone 5)

Lowfire White
Warm Tan
Golden Tan

50 (Cone 5)
55 (Cone 5)
60 (Cone 5)
70 (Cone 5)
Raku 250
590 (Cone 10)
570 (Cone 10)
550 (Cone 10)
900 (Cone 10)
10 (Cone 04)
20 (Cone 04)

(on request)

(on request)


Visit Tin Barn at Manassas Clay to buy prepared glazes or mix your own in our glaze lab ($7.50 per our plus chemicals). We are now stocking Laguna, Spectrum, Amaco and Campbell glazes and underglazes.

Have a glaze recipe??

Your recipe + our materials = glaze
Add water, sieve, apply and fire.

Let us store the chemicals, we'll do the work, you pick it up! Call us or stop by we'd be happy to mix it up for you!

Pacifa, Shimpo, and Thomas Stewart wheels.
L&L, Laguna, and Cone Art kilns and kiln shelves
Northstar slab rollers, extruders and ware carts.

Giffin Grips
Tools and Brushes
Books and Magazines

For all your supply needs call Tin Barn Pottery Supplies at 703-330-1173.


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